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Congratulations, you are about to take a step that has the power to alter the rest of your life!

Applying for a scholarship takes time, thought and planning. Allow at least 2 – 4 weeks to complete the entire application process.


  1. ALL scholarships require proof of enrollment or proof of current license
  2. You must be enrolled in your program with a start date prior to winner announcements.
    • Check the Scholarship at a Glance Calendar for all dates.


  1. Scholarship applications are accepted from all students who have not completed more than 50% of their program. It is required that you are attending school when winners are announced and payment is disbursed.


  1. You will need proof of Licensure; Your license must be current. Expired licenses will be disqualified.


Once you decide which scholarship you will apply for and you click apply on the Beauty Changes Lives Website, you will be taken to the Academic Works website, this site is the Scholarship Application Portal. Please note that you can apply for ONE scholarship at a time.  If you apply for multiple Beauty Changes Lives scholarships at the same time, you will be disqualified.

The first thing you will do is fill out the general application. Once completed, you will be taken to your selected scholarship. When filling out the general application page you will need to upload the following:

  1. Proof of enrollment for basic scholarships or proof of licensure for advanced scholarships
  2. Head shot – Select a photo you are proud of! This is not used in the judging process, but will be used in media announcements. Please upload a high res/jpeg headshot you would be proud to have in Modern Salon. Do not upload a photo of yourself with photoshopped items, for example, cat ears, cartoon hat, etc.  The photo should be of your face, hence “headshot” and you should be the only person in it. If you win, your photo is on the Beauty Changes Lives website and is circulated to media outlets with a press release.
  3. Once you have completed the general application, you will then begin applying for your selected scholarship.
  4. Scholarship submissions can be done 1 of 2 ways: Please read submission requirements for individual scholarship:
    • 3 minute video with a public YouTube URL*


  • Inspiration board and 200-word essay
*Vidal Sassoon and CosmoProf scholarships are video ONLY submissions.

Whether you choose to submit a video or inspiration board with essay, the theme of your submission is your own unique voice. Judging is based on how well you answer the specific question you will find on your selected scholarship page. Each scholarship has a different question.

Judging is done by industry professionals and is anonymous, which means all they see is your submission. The judges are looking for:


  1. Creativity/Innovation
    • Concept
    • Design
    • Execution
  2. Communication
    • Articulate
    • Well defined
    • Comprehendible
  3. Confidence
    • Individualistic
    • Genuineness
    • Emotion


If you’re submitting a video, provide the YouTube public url/web link to view your video. BE SURE your video does not exceed 3 minutes and that your link works!

Helpful tips

You do not need to incur the cost of hiring a professional videographer – there are many free or low-cost options available to you. Some past applicants have used online tools such as: Animoto, WeVideo, Kizoa, Windows Video Maker, among many others. Some applicants have contacted their local university/college’s film department and worked with film students to create their video submission, and some have chosen to use the low cost consultant site where independent contractors advertise their work to assist with video creation from photos, thoughts and/or ideas. No matter which tool you choose, your passion needs to shine through! Answer the question, construct a clear message and make sure your video is visually appealing:

  • Is your Video or Inspiration board memorable; how do you want the judges to remember you?
  • Would you want to watch your video?
  • Did you answer the scholarship question?
  • Include work you have done; hair styles, make-up, shows, etc.
  • Put passion and feeling into your response, let the judges know what you are all about!
  • Be CREATIVE, have fun, be energetic, show the judges you know what an amazing life changing opportunity this scholarship is, and let them see how your creativity and passion will eventually be reflected in your professional work.

Judges Tell All . . .

The industry professionals who serve as Beauty Changes Lives scholarship judges review hundreds of applications annually. What distinguishes a scholarship-winning application from others? Below, three accomplished and esteemed industry leaders who also serve as Beauty Changes Lives scholarship judges offer their tips and tricks for submitting a winning application.

Stephen Moody, Director – Wella Global Education Academy Dean

  • You cannot win the lottery without buying a ticket. Enter and apply for Beauty Changes Lives scholarships.
  • Make it personal. Remember that judges view many applications, so think carefully about why you should be selected as a winner among a large pool of applicants.
  • Visuals—whether photos or videos— will convey your story more clearly than words.
  • Carefully study the scholarship criteria and focus your application only on applicable criteria.
  • Be brief. Less is inevitably more.
  • An average look presented on a stunning model will capture the judges’ attention more than a complicated look presented on an average model.
  • Use your iPhone to create a pre-test shoot to finalize lighting, angles, poses, etc.
  • Practice, and then practice some more.
  • Visit the Beauty Changes Lives web site and check out previous winners’ entries.
  • Edit out background imagery that may clutter up your visual.

Jamezell Ottinger, Special Markets Director,  Keune Haircosmetics North America

  • Build your application around one concise theme that flows throughout the application. This unified theme should be continued from the message preview through the content and summary. Applicants should clearly convey the main message they want a reader to take away from the application. Too many applications contain random messages that do not work together to convey a comprehensive theme. Don’t forget to show your passion. An applicant may say he or she wants a scholarship, but it’s important to express how the applicant is inspired and what he or she aspires to do in the industry if selected as a winner.
  • Know how winning a scholarship will support your goals. Convey a clear vision of what your future success in the industry will look like.
  • Use the power of technology to edit and polish your presentation.

Geno Stampora, President, Stampora Consulting

  • Be authentic and speak from the heart. Be careful of your ego. Most judges have been around for a while and have earned the right to critique submissions. Judges are looking for the “meat and potato” application as opposed to lots of flash or creative sound effects.
  • Individuate. Your application should address what makes you special and convey why you should receive a scholarship. Use your application as an opportunity to express the goals, ideals and aspirations you are committed to as a future beauty and wellness professional.
  • Persevere and commit the best of your resources to your application. Don’t settle for good enough. Stay the course and make sure you’re submitting your very best effort.
  • If you are applying for a scholarship honoring a person, such as Vidal Sassoon or Leo Passage, study the individual well. Make sure that you are well versed in what the individual has achieved. Put forth the effort to learn all you can about them and share your knowledge in your application.
  • Make sure that your personality comes shining through in your choice of words and your video. You are special so show off your uniqueness. You are deserving, so show that off too!

Good Luck!!

The Beauty Changes Lives Team


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