Can I submit a student scholarship application before I apply and am accepted to a school?

No. Before you apply for a scholarship, you must have proof of acceptance and/or be currently enrolled in school.

What is the application process?

There are two parts of the application process. The first phase is the General Application which asks basic information such as name, address, email, etc. Once you have finished the General Application, hit the “Submit” button. You will be prompted to the next screen and see an “Apply Now” button at the top of the page.

When you click on “Apply Now” you are in the second phase of the application. This section consists of specific questions for the scholarship you selected and requires uploading a YouTube video or essay/story board. The second phase is the actual application for the scholarship you are applying to.

Both the General Application and scholarship specific portions of the application must be successfully completed and submitted in-order to qualify for that specific scholarship. Only complete and qualified applications will be sent to judging.

How do I know what scholarship to apply for?

Apply for a scholarship that directly relates to the program you are enrolled in and in which you meet the requirements.

When are applications accepted?

The scholarship application calendar typically follows a winter, spring, summer and fall cycle. Please visit the Scholarships At-A-Glance page for an overview of available scholarships and application dates.

Note: dates may be subject to change.

I am trying to apply for a scholarship, but the system does not allow me to access the application. Why?

The system will only allow application submissions during the “open” application period. See the Scholarships At-A-Glance page for application dates.

Note: dates may be subject to change.

Can I apply after the deadline date?

No. Applications cannot be accepted after the due date.

How long will it take to for me to complete the application?

The amount of time needed to complete the application varies based on the time and effort put forth by the individual. However, we recommend allowing two to four weeks to get your application finalized. This will allow ample time to obtain all needed documents, including proof of enrollment documents (for student scholarships), take a head shot (photo) and create your YouTube video or essay/storyboard.

Why did I receive an “error found on application” email?

“Error found on application” refers to something that was not answered correctly; for example, uploading your head shot in the letter of acceptance field would signal an error. It simply means information is not correct and/or the question has been completed incorrectly.

What if I start my application but do not finish it?

Applications that are started but not completed are categorized as a “Draft” in the scholarship management system. They remain in this category until all required items are submitted. An email is typically auto generated from the system to prompt you to finish your application.

How do I go back in to my application to change an answer to a question or fix an error? Can you make changes once you hit “Submit"?

You may make changes to an existing application here. Once you are on the site, in the upper righthand corner click the “Sign-In” tab and type in the username and password you created when you started your application. You will then have access to your application and can make needed changes and/or complete your application, if needed.

What is acceptable proof of enrollment for a student scholarship?

You may submit one of following items as acceptable proof of enrollment:

  • Letter of acceptance from the school where you are registered.
    • Letter will include your name, program name and start date.
  • Signed enrollment agreement with school name, program name and start date.
  • Current progress report.

If I am already a licensed professional and applying for an Advanced scholarship, what do I attach for proof of enrollment?

Please upload your professional license for this question.

If my professional license has expired, am I still eligible to apply for an advanced scholarship?

No. You must have a current and active license in-order to apply and qualify for an advanced scholarship.

If I completed the application, what happens next?

Submitted applications remain in a “Submitted” category until they are reviewed and moved to a “Qualified” status. “Qualified” means the applicant has submitted all needed elements for the scholarship and meets all the criteria/requirements. Only “Qualified” applicants will be sent to the judging.

Why would my application stay in a “Submitted” category and not move into a “Qualified” status?

Applicants who submit all needed documents but do not meet specific qualifications are kept in a “Submitted” status. For example, if you submitted all required information including proof of enrollment, a head shot and YouTube video but applied for a cosmetology student scholarship and are enrolled in an esthetics program you would not “Qualify” for that specific scholarship. Therefore, it is important to review all the requirements to determine if you are eligible for a scholarship before you apply.

Once the application deadline date occurs, what happens next?

Once the application deadline occurs, applications are reviewed to ensure all needed elements are complete and all requirements have been met. Those applicants are then moved to a “Qualified” status and their scholarship submissions are sent for evaluation/judging.

How will I know if I won a scholarship?

Winners will be notified via email at the address they provided on their scholarship application. For student scholarships, the winner’s school will also be notified via the school contact information listed on the application. Winner announcements will also be posted on the Beauty Changes Lives website

What is a head shot and why is it required?

A head shot is simply a photo of your face, hence the name “head shot.” It should not include any other people and cannot be photoshopped to include items such as cat ears, cartoon hat, etc. If you are selected for a scholarship, your head shot will be used in all media announcements and posted on the Beauty Changes Lives website. You should upload a high res/jpeg head shot you would be proud to have in Modern Salon.

Note: head shots are not used in the judging process.

How will my video submission or essay & story board be judged?

Submissions are evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Creativity/Innovation
    • Concept
    • Design
    • Execution
  • Communication
    • Articulate
    • Well defined
    • Comprehendible
  • Confidence
    • Individualistic
    • Genuineness
    • Emotion

Who are the scholarship judges?

Our judges are comprised of beauty industry professionals who graciously volunteer their time and talent to evaluate the scholarship submissions.

What is story board?

A story board is a collage you create on your computer with pictures and text answering the specific scholarship question. Use the story board to truly impress the judges; this is a representation of who you are and what inspires you. Take your time and make something you can be proud of. Here are some examples:

Can I use Instagram or other social media sites to upload my video or my story board?

The only social site you may use is for video submissions only and is YouTube. Make sure your video is set to a public URL/web link to ensure it can be viewed. Your video should not exceed the specified time limit as outlined in the scholarship details; this is typically no more than three (3) minutes. See specific scholarship information for video requirements.

You can absolutely record your video on your phone. We recommend that you film horizontally. We also recommend using these video editing applications for mobile devices: Hyperlapse, Slow Fast, Unfold and Inshot.

Can I submit my video or essay & storyboard after the deadline date?

No. All required documents, including video, essay & story board are due by the scholarship specific due date.

Can I apply for more than one (1) scholarship at a time?

Yes. You may apply for any scholarship for which you meet the criteria; however, you may only be awarded one scholarship.

Can I submit the same video or essay/story board for multiple scholarships?

Each scholarship has a different question and as such you will need to submit a video or essay & story board for each scholarship in which you apply.

Can I win more than one (1) student scholarship?

No. You cannot win more than one student scholarship. If you receive a scholarship while enrolled as a student, you will not be eligible to apply for or awarded additional student scholarships

If I won a scholarship as a student, can I apply for an advanced scholarship once I am licensed?

Yes. If you won a scholarship as a student, you may apply for and be awarded an advanced scholarship as a licensed professional.

If I won an advanced scholarship in the past, may I apply for a different advanced scholarship now?

No. Once you have won an advanced scholarship, you will not be eligible to apply for a second advanced scholarship through Beauty Changes Lives.

Do you have any tips for applicants when putting together their submissions?

Whether you submit a video or essay & story board, the goal is to express your unique self while answering the question, constructing a clear message and making sure your video is visually appealing.

When submitting a video, its important to stay within the required time limit as outlined for the specific scholarship (typically no more than three (3) minutes).

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your video or story board memorable?
  • How do you want the judges to remember you?
  • Would you want to watch your video?
  • Did you answer the scholarship question?

Additional suggestions:

  • Include work you have done, such as hairstyles, make-up, shows, etc.
  • Put passion and feeling into your response; let the judges know what you are all about.
  • If you are applying for a scholarship honoring a person, such as Leo Passage, take time to learn about the individual and his/her achievements; share what you’ve learned in the submission.
  • Be creative, have fun and be energetic!
  • Show the judges you understand what a life changing opportunity this scholarship is and let them see how your creativity and passion will eventually be reflected in your professional work.