Ally Gibson

Ally Gibson  @empowerbraids

PCI Academy – Iowa City, IA

Sydell & Arnold Miller The “Art of Hair Dressing” Cosmetology Student Scholarship – $5,000

Ally started her Instagram account, @empowerbraids, as a portfolio for her work. Her posts started to attract tons of followers over time. One of her braids caught the attention of Good Morning America and she was featured on the show. She is always asking herself, “How can I do more, what can I do better.”  Her goal for every braid is to have people ask, “How did you do that?”

She started her love of braids in middle school, being a very shy kid who had a tough time making friends. One day she came to school with her hair braided and she felt for the first-time confidence in her appearance. It got to a point that she experimented with a new braid every day and people started noticing. This only built her confidence, where she was able to make friends and feel comfortable in her own skin. Ten years later, with a degree in business, she is pursuing her dream and is currently enrolled in a cosmetology program and wants to someday own her own salon. You can check out her video submission HERE.