Ariana Greene

Ariana Greene @arianascanvas

Paul Mitchell the School – Jessup, MD

Arnold M. Miller Find-A-Way Scholarship – $15,000

Ariana has had a passion for haircare that evolved from her own personal struggles with her own hair type. Throughout high school, she was bullied about her hair. She had so much anxiety that she began having issues with hair loss and had to have hormone shots to her scalp to support hair growth. This is when she says she found her Find-A-Way Attitude. She taught herself what products to use, how to manage her natural hair so that every day was a good hair day.

She rolled those skills into starting her business, Ariana’s Canvas, where she takes a holistic approach to hairstyling.  During college, she was the go-to for anyone needing help with managing their hair. She currently has five years’ experience in hair braiding and after finishing her under-grad, she now is pursuing her passion as a cosmetology student. She is combining her life experience with her studies to be the best at her craft! Ariana states, “With my Find A Way attitude I am all about facing my adversaries and making a positive change. I have cultivated a community of people who I support in their journey, and I have held my inner child’s hand along the way.”