Ashley Gose

Ashley Gose, @your_hairbyashley

The Forum Academy, American Fork, UT

Sydell & Arnold Miller Foundation “Art of Hairdressing” Scholarship – $5,000

Ashley has always enjoyed styling her hair and even started coloring and changing her own hair at the age of twelve.  She believes that styling hair is a way for her to express her art and one day hopes to specialize in updos and coloring. Ashley loves that there is “no limit to creativity in this industry and it’s actually a good thing to step outside of your comfort zone.” She has a love for learning new things and hopes to never stop.  She is a single mom of two and winning this scholarship will alleviate some of the stress and pressure of her student loans.  She hopes her creativity shines through and shows the dedication to her career and the beauty industry as a whole. Check out her winning submission HERE.