Brindee Heaton


Brindee Heaton,  @_beautybybrin

Paul Mitchell The School St. George – St. George, UT

Arnold M. Miller Find-A-Way Scholarship – $15,000

Brindee Heaton as a little girl, always dreamt of having long hair like Rapunzel. “My young brain could not comprehend that that wasn’t even physically possible.” Brindee was born with a rare genetic condition called Loose Anagen Hair Syndrome (LAS), characterized by increased hair shedding due to poorly developed follicles. Even though her hair would not grow longer than her shoulders, her mother was determined to give her the long braids she always wanted. She sewed hair pieces into bands and hats and became creative with ponytails and buns.  Her mother’s creativity fueled her passion to one day make this her career.  She looks forward to using her Find A Way attitude to specialize and educate in the use of extensions to support those with hair conditions. Extensions have changed her life and finally gave her the Rapunzel hair she has always dreamed of. “I have learned that Beauty Changes Lives and it has definitely changed mine! And I am finding my way!” Check out her winning submission HERE.