Lindsey Zuehlke

In my life many people have influenced me and inspired me to be who and where I am today. They’ve evolved into dreams that keep me moving forward. Beauty is my passion because it can be expressed in so many ways. Beauty can be how one looks physically or how they feel mentally and emotionally. How they express their goals, inspirations and life as a whole. I feel my ideal purpose is to help others see their worthiness and be their authentic self, as others have shown me over the years. Through my career in the beauty industry my purpose will be fulfilled by consulting my clients one-on-one and being respectful to their opinions. On my vision board one thing I like to remind myself is that, “I have limitless strength.” I have the strength to carry out my own goals, dreams and passions by encouraging others to see their strengths. By following my passion in beauty, I can use my mistakes as milestones, to learn from them, troubleshoot and use my peers for support and education. Happiness is not elusive, it comes to those who pursue it, grasp it, and take advantage of the opportunity to grow from it.