Sulema Avila

My name is Sulema Avila, I live in Marshalltown, Iowa. Beauty is my passion because it has allowed me to express myself in ways I thought I never could. My career in beauty has and continues to fulfill my purpose with the endless opportunities it has to offer me. My career choice has been the best if not the greatest decision I have made in my life. I’m passionate because it’s my creative getaway, nothing more satisfying than having my guests smile from cheek to cheek. You could say it’s my guests showing appreciation for my art, my skill. This industry grows with you, I pride myself in the hard-work I have put in. Education, staying trendy and can’t forget the support from social media. This makes me ambitious. When I go to classes and hair shows can’t wait to get back to the salon and share all the knowledge I have learned. A personal goal of mine is to do more than natural nails. With being in the industry for three years, I would love to know more about enhancements. Eventually I would love to become an educator, teach a class and educate my guests on ALL things nails.