Tiffany Whorton

Why is beauty my passion? The short answer, I am an awful cook! I have always been passionate about beauty, my ability to make a client look beautiful on the outside in turn making them feel beautiful on the inside. There is no greater feeling of accomplishment than knowing you made a difference in someone’s life. That perfect manicure that gave someone the confidence to demand a raise at work, that makeover that gave someone the courage to leave an abusive relationship because they could now see their beauty. How will my career in beauty fulfill my purpose? That answer is a little more complex and ever changing. I have been a licensed cosmetologist for almost 26 years now, in my early years it was all about my clients. I knew I could affect more lives by instilling others with the same passion I had so I became an educator. Not only do I continue to fulfill my purpose of making a difference in somebody’s life, but I am able to do it on a much grander scale by teaching. The students showing passion about beauty and fulfilling their purpose proves we can all make a difference in someone’s life.