Beauty is my passion because it runs through my veins. When growing up it was a must that we looked our best when leaving the house. That included nails, skin care, hair and fashion. Nails are like accessories to an outfit. It pulls the entire look together and allows one to present a polished (no pun intended, lol) end result. My career in beauty fulfills my purpose because I believe one of the reasons I was created is to rally for health care benefits for cosmetologists and barbers. This calling is radical and a great challenge but I’ve surrendered and embraced it. I feel if a nail artist can be at his or her best mentally and physically they can give their best to the client. Healthy living will allow artist to give their full potential which will total beautiful nails. My motto for this journey is Healthy Living + Full Potential = Beautiful Nails. This scholarship will allow me to sharpen my skills and also create a platform for much-needed and well-deserved basic benefits for this industry. Thank you for your consideration! Vonda Lynn Mitchell