“Beauty is my passion because I enjoy using my artistic nature to create moments, impact lives, and impart pieces of me into each set of nails. I’m able to create moments by connecting with clients by being a listening ear, confidant, and friend. During each service clients and I create moments together by sharing our ideas, trials, and even fears. I impact lives using gel, acrylic, and embellishments to boost confidence and uplift my client’s spirits. My favorite part of my career is imparting myself on each set of nails by adding designs and flair unique to me. Beauty has helped me reach levels of artistry I wouldn’t have known in any other field. My storyboard reflects my mindset on beauty and the key points in my essay-create and impact. Passion takes the center place because it’s the heart of my career. The globe represents my connection with my clients and the moments we share. This picture is alongside passion because without my lovely clients, I have no career. The paintbrush with the colors represent the creativity that fuels my passion. The sequence of pictures represent my career as a nail artist. Creativity plus passion equals connections and continued success!”