Angela Taylor

The first piece of art I created was a self-portrait drawn with lip-gloss on the wall, which is the pinnacle of my vision board. I included this particular quote about art because I never made the choice to create, I just found myself drawing away. An abstract color wheel is featured due to the importance color theory has on the ability to positively or negatively affect your design. I have evolved from a childhood Picasso, to makeup artist, to nail technician. The third photo of an Andy Warhol original showcases my liberal arts background, previous career as a makeup artist, and time spent in the museums of Pittsburgh. My passion for nail design allows me to express myself, and fill a void in my local market. Offering custom, hand painted nail art has earned me a reputation, setting me apart from other nail salons. Winning this scholarship would allow me to grow and advance my skills, ultimately becoming an educator. I want to be a resource for others, spreading knowledge and positivity. The last photo on my board of a nail classroom reflects my future. I want people to look to me for education, and have my passion be contagious.