Dolores Procaccini

My name is Dolores Procaccini and if I had to describe myself, I would say hard working, wifey, mommy and nail enthusiast! I recently discovered my passion for the nail industry in August 2018 when I became a certified manicurist. I have always loved nails but I didn’t know how much I would truly love sharing my passion with others. After completing my certification I realized how passionate I am and was officially hooked. The nail industry is my passion because it is something I truly enjoy and love to do. I have suffered from anxiety for a very long time and found that doing nails is something that not only brings me satisfaction and pride but is also very therapeutic and relaxing for me. This scholarship will further my career because at this point in my life the funds to take professional development classes is extremely limited. Both my husband and I work very hard to pay the bills and provide for our three year old son. I really hope to be considered for this scholarship with CND as CND is my #1 choice of product in my part time nail salon I now operate out of my home.