Kimberly Howell

I have been a licensed Nail Tech for over 7 years now. I am so inspired by all kinds of new nail art. I am a extremely creative person and I love the fact that being a Nail Technician allows me to show off my artistic work and make people feel beautiful at the same time. I know that some people think of art as mearly a glitter nail but I do tend to take it to a whole different level when my clients allow me to. The things are placed on my inspiration board are all things that I hold near and dear to my heart. I am always striving to be a better person and to also become a better Nail Tech for my clients. I have often been told that I do not have a box when it comes to creativity. Our creative will go as far as we allow it, the question is are you ready for the challenge? Winning this scholarship will allow me to purchase more products and pursue my dream with art and nails. I will be able to take my clients to a whole different level with these products.