Myeshia Jefferson

For years I have been fighting my true passion; allowing others opinions determine the direction for my career even though, the beauty industry is what I’ve always been passionate about- beauty inside and out for myself and others. After receiving my manicure license in 2015 I knew how important it was to find a mentor. I instantly partnered with a 20 year veteran nail salon owner. Most importantly she shares my passion to enrich the lives of women and other single mothers like myself. She has challenged me to advance my knowledge and skills over years of partnership and invited me to head a mentorship program with her called DNNC Steps to Success. Nail design is a passion of mine because I want to continue to do what I love which is making all women, no matter what age, feel and look beautiful. It also allows me to be an example to my son who loves drawing, building, and creating art. By advancing my nail sculpting capabilities, I will be able to expand my skills, show others no matter how far you are in your career there is always room for growth, and mostly be an example to my son.