Nicole Jackson

Nail design is my passion because it allows me to express myself artistically and be financially independent. I’m blessed to find a career where I can do both on my own terms. With this scholarship I can push myself further. I’ve improved a lot as a nail technician since first getting my license. My progress has allowed me to see my potential. I want to keep pushing myself and explore my nail creativity. I’ve gained a passion for the health of nails and nail art. I’d like to gain more knowledge in these areas so I am able to share it with my clients and other nail technicians. I would perfect my art, become more efficient with my services, and eventually become a nail educator. Pushing myself creatively has shown me I can also career wise. I’d like to own a nail spa in a few years, travel, educate others about nail health, and create unique nail designs. Being in this industry has showed me that there are many different ways to become successful. I’d like to share with with more nail technicians so they don’t get discouraged but can strive to be innovative and create new opportunities through beauty.I’m