Hasira McGee

Hasira McGee, L’esprit Academy, Livonia, Mich.

Hasira was raised in a culture where women are hidden but still find ways to express dramatic style through their fingers. “I want to empower women to display confidence and their natural beauty through their nails,” noted Hasira in her application. As a child, Hasira enjoyed decorating with henna which influenced her decision to pursue a career as a Nail Professional. “I plan to use traditional henna designs to complement my work as a nail professional in order to produce dramatic and inspiring results for my clients,” said Hasira.

I was born and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan in a very conservative society.  From young, girls enjoy putting intricate henna patterns on their hands and feet. After I immigrated to America, I was able to share this practice with friends and neighbors. It was wonderful to see how much joy it brought them.  Now that my children are older, I am planning to return to the workforce and help give them a brighter future.  As I researched what field of work I should take up, I remembered my childhood love of decorating with henna and so it became a clear decision for me to pursue a course to become a nail technician. I plan to use the traditional henna designs which I grew up with to complement the work I do with nails in order to produce dramatic and inspiring results for my clients.