Kira Motley

Kira Motley, L’esprit Academy, Livonia, Mich.

As a college student, Kira dreamed of a career doing nails, but her family didn’t think of it as a real profession. Fifteen years later, Kira decided to “live my own destiny” and enrolled in nail school. Kira’s application essay reflects her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for giving back. “I want to open a nail studio that visits local shelters and helps women transitioning into the workforce,” she wrote.

I will be able to live out my life-long dream of becoming a licensed nail professional. I have
always had a passion for nails. When I was in college I would do other students nails. I always wanted to go to nail school but my parents didnt think it was a real profession. So 15 years later I decided its time for me to live my own destiny. The saying goes you are never too old
to learn. Once I accomplished this goal, I would like to open my very own nail studio. I would also like to go to local shelters to help women who are transitioning into the workforce. I would allow them to get pampered for the day. I hope that you will feel my passion that I have expressed on my vision board and essay. I just hope Im giving the opportunity to shine.