Melissa Haseley

Melissa Haseley, The Salon Professional Academy, Buffalo, NY.

Nails are the canvas on which Melissa Haseley pours forth her inspiration. The CND scholarship is providing the funds to help Melissa her pursue a dream long-deferred. “It feels like a waste to not do something with this “spark” I have for the professional nail industry. Melissa’ inspiration board showcased the myriad forms of artwork that inform her as a Nail Professional in training, noting that hope and determination come together at the interchange of “possibility.”


I haven’t had a lot the past few years, but I have love and hope. When so many and so much was lost, a hope for the future was gained. I thought about doing nails as a career years ago, but could not afford schooling.

I often have times of inspiration, but have no outlet for it. I want to create beautiful things that make people’s faces light up. I would be happy with a warm smile too. It feels like a waste not doing something with this spark and not building skills with the professional training.

I hope I am worthy of the CND Tippi Hedren Nail Scholarship. It would mean so much to me. I hope the best for all students aspiring to be the best of themselves and create beauty on the outside as well as within. Thank you for the opportunity.