Mikayla Morin

Mikayla Morin, Ramona, CA, Paul Mitchell the School – San Diego

Although Mikayla didn’t live with her mom as a child, beauty served as “common ground” when they spent time together. “We always experimented with hair and makeup with mixed results – some of which we wish we didn’t have proof of,” Mikayla recalls. After her mother completed a three-month rehabilitation program for alcohol addition, Mikayla spent an afternoon styling her mom’s hair and doing her make-up. “By the time we were done, she looked like my mom again,” Mikayla says. As her mom recently completed a year of sobriety, Mikayla is inspired by the connection between looking good, feeling good and having the confidence to move forward. “If you look good, you feel good. And if you feel good, you have the confidence to conquer anything,” she says.