Hairstylist Sophie Davies won the Vidal Sassoon Advanced Scholarship in the Fall of 2015. She took some time out of her busy schedule (she owns a salon in Los Angeles) to chat with us about her experience at the Sassoon Academy, tips for fellow stylists and current hair trends.

BCL: How did winning the Vidal Sassoon Advanced Scholarship change your life and your career?

SD: It allowed me the knowledge and certainty to handle my clients, and brought about a precision to my cuts that I never had before and a much more professional and inspirational approach to the art of hair cutting. I am more confident and proud of the education, and can also forward this education to my staff.

BCL: What was it like attending the Sassoon Academy? Which course did you take?

SD: It was an honor and privilege. The staff and instructors were incredible. I was fully inspired. I took the Advanced Cutting class.

BCL: What advice do you have for fellow hairstylists, or aspiring stylists, who might be thinking about applying for a Beauty Changes Lives scholarship?

SD: Do it. It’s worth every bit of effort. Video your successes and passions and send it in. You could very easily be a winner. Just put it together, your work, your essay and your application. It’s worth every minute and such a treat.

BCL: What are your favorite hair trends right now?

SD: A much more solid haircut with subtle loved-in texture versus long layered haircuts and bobs. Balayage. Lived-in looks!

BCL: What are you up to right now? I own my own salon and have a wonderful clientele in the heart of LA. I have trained two assistants and gotten them licensed.

You can find Sophie on Instagram at @thehairparloron8th or @sophiesmuse, on Yelp: The Hair Parlor on 8th (5 stars!) or Sophie Davies – Hairstylist and on her website