Elizabeth Hernandez

Elizabeth Hernandez  @byloolooliz

Salon Success Academy – Redlands, CA

Sydell & Arnold Miller The “Art of Hair Coloring” Cosmetology Student Scholarship – $5,000

Elizabeth explains that pursuing a goal in cosmetology has been her dream for years. The tools and techniques she is learning will support her in fulfilling her ultimate goal, helping others. “You can drastically change the way you look on the outside to match what you look like in then inside.” Doing this gives each of us confidence that we are showing the world who we are on the inside. She wants to use her skills to help her clients feel better and change that the way they feel. Her family has been a huge emotional support in making this dream a reality.  Since this is a shift from her past career, the scholarship funds will help support her financially to fulfill her future.  You can see her video HERE.