Q:  What does “2nd phase of application” mean?

A:  The first (1) part of the application is the General application, the “2nd phase” is the actual application to the scholarship you have selected to apply for.  Apply for the scholarship that is directly related to the program you are enrolled in. Once you have finished the General application, hit submit, and you will be prompted to the next screen with a button on the top of the page. You will see “APPLY NOW” once you click apply now, you are now into the second part of the application.   The 2nd phase of your application consists of specific questions regarding your scholarship and require uploading a story board with essay or YouTube video.

Q:  How do I log back in to my application to change an answer to a question or fix an error? Can you make changes once you hit submit??

A:  Click the link below, once you are on the website, in the upper right corner, click on the SIGN-IN tab and type in the username and password you create when you started your application.  You will then have access to your application and you can make changes and/or complete your application as needed.

Q: Why did I receive an “error found on application” email?

A:  “Error” found on an application refers to something that was not answered correctly; for example: selecting more than one (1) scholarship signals an “error”, uploading your “head shot” in the “letter of acceptance” field, etc.  An error means information is not correct and/or the question has not been filled out correctly.

Q: What is the General application?

A: The General application is the first (1) phase of the application process and it asks for general information such as name, school, scholarship interest, etc.  It is saved onto the scholarship website and can be accessed when applying for scholarships and during different scholarship rounds.  The 2nd phase of the application is the scholarship application (the scholarship you selected on the General application) you will be prompted after the general application is filled out and the submit button is clicked.  You are not done if you ONLY completed the General application!  An email will be sent to you after you fill out your general application prompting you to go back and fill out the 2nd phase of your application. You can also click on the “APPLY NOW” button referenced in Question #1 to complete the second (2) phase of your application process.

Q: Why are there two (2) parts to the application?

A:  The first (1st) part of the application is the General Application and it allows the students to decide the scholarship they would like to apply to and fill out an application that can be saved and used to apply again for future scholarships.   The 2nd phase of the application is the scholarship application (the scholarship you selected on the General application) and has required questions designed to that particular scholarship; each scholarship has its own set of specific questions to be answered.  The second (2nd) phase of the application is required to be considered for qualification and submitted for judging.

Q:  What are acceptable proofs of enrollment?

A:  Proof of enrollment is a letter of acceptance to the school you have registered to and it usually states you are enrolled at the school and which program you are enrolled in.  Letters of enrollment sent via email are also acceptable.  Letters of acceptance are REQUIRED to be uploaded to be considered for judging.  Please note, you must be enrolled in a school to qualify for a Beauty Changes Lives Scholarship; unless applying for an advance scholarship.

Q: I am applying for an Advance scholarship, what do I attach for “Proof of enrollment” if I am already a licensed Cosmetologist or Nail tech?

A:  Please attach/upload your Cosmetology or Nail tech license for this question.  ALSO 14-16 questions can be answered with place of employment and start date of employment.

Q:  What is a story Board?

A:  A story board is a collage you create on your computer with pictures and text answering the scholarship specific question.  If you choose a story board with essay (100 word count), it MUST be uploaded by the scholarship deadline to be considered for judging.  Try to use the story board to truly impress the judges, this is a representation of who you are and what inspires you; take your time and make something you can be proud of!  Here are some examples:




Q:  Can I use Instagram or other social media sites to upload my video or my storyboard?

A:  The only social site you can use to house your submission is for your video and you can only use YouTube. Make sure your video is set to a public url/web link to view your video. BE SURE your video does not exceed 3 minutes and that your link works! Our program will not show the video if it’s through Instagram and if you choose to do a video, it MUST be uploaded by the scholarship deadline to be considered for judging.

Q:  Can I apply for more than one (1) scholarship at a time?

A:  No you may not!  You are only allowed to apply for one (1) scholarship at a time per round.  If you do NOT win a scholarship, you CAN apply for another one the next round IF you are still in the first half of your program or below 50% complete in your program. Scholarship winners cannot reapply for another scholarship UNLESS the new scholarship you are applying for is to continue your education; scholarships for continuing education are Vidal Sassoon Advanced, you must be a licensed professional to apply and the Leo Passage NEXT GEN PROJECT scholarship (For senior students who have completed over 50% of their program) These scholarships have very specific requirements when applying; please read their terms and conditions.  If you decide to apply for another scholarship to continue your education, you MUST submit a new scholarship application, with a new video or inspiration board and essay.  Your answers to the questions must be different and if the answers are duplicated from your previous winning application, your application will AUTOMATICALLY be DISQUALIFIED.   Here is a link to help with directions on creating a storyboard in Word, but you can create a story board any way you would like, as long as you can upload it onto you application; this is a requirement when selecting to do a storyboard.

Q: Can I win more than 1 scholarship?

You CANNOT win more than one (1) scholarship at a time and you can ONLY win a second (2nd) scholarship if you are applying for a continuing education scholarship such as Leo Passage scholarship and Vidal Sassoon Advance (you must meet the specific requirements to apply for the scholarship) in a different round; you cannot apply for more than 1 scholarship per round! When selecting a scholarship to apply for, read the requirements, make sure you meet the requirements and pick the scholarship which best fits the program you are enrolled in.

Q: How often can I apply for a scholarship?

A:  Only one (1) scholarship per round.  You CANNOT win more than one (1) scholarship at a time and you can ONLY win a second (2nd) scholarship if you are applying for an advanced education scholarship such as the Leo Passage NEXT GEN PROJECT  scholarship and Vidal Sassoon Advance (you must meet the specific requirements to apply for the scholarship) in a different round.

Q: How will I know if I won or did not win?

BCL posts the winners on the BCL Facebook, Modern Salon magazine online, and our Beauty Changes Lives website under the “News and Events” page.  We also contact the winners and the winner’s schools to congratulate the students.  If you do not hear from BCL and do not find your name on the winner’s page, you were not selected for the scholarship and are highly encouraged to apply the next round if you still meet the requirements for the scholarship or meet the requirements for the advanced scholarships.

Q: Why does my head shot matter and what is it used for?

A:  Your head shot is used in all media announcements posted on media and Beauty Changes Lives website. When selecting your photo, think to yourself – If you win a scholarship, is the photo I want to represent me and my school for a long time… it is important for you to pick a photo you are proud to have on the world wide web because many students and professionals will be reading about the winners and they will be seeing a picture of you on the winner’s list; pick your photo wisely!

Q: What scholarships are open to ALL students attending ANY school with a Cosmetology or Esthetic Program?

A:  The two scholarships that are open to ALL schools with a Cosmetology or Esthetic Program are:

  • CosmoProf: License to Create (cosmetology)
  • Amazing Lash Studio (esthetics)

Q:  How do I pick a qualifying school?

A:  Students attending an AACS list school can apply to ALL of the Beauty Changes Lives scholarships, seven (7) of our nine (9) scholarships are exclusively offered to AACS member schools.  To check if your school is on the AACS list, you can click the “check here” button on the application to check if the school is registered.  I have also included the website here to check your school also.

Q: How do I select the scholarship I should apply for?

A:  The scholarship you select should be related to the program you have selected at your Beauty school. For example: If you are enrolled as a cosmetologist, you would be interested in applying for a cosmetology scholarship and not a Nail scholarship.  If you are just starting a beauty program, you would not select one of the advanced scholarships to apply for.  Take your time to select a scholarship that fits the program you are enrolled in since you can only apply for one (1), each round (Fall & Spring).