Like so many of our scholarship winners, Xiomara Hernandez has an inspiring story. She made a major career change to become a licensed nail professional, all while working full time as an insurance agent with three kids at home. Xiomara won the BEAUTY CHANGES LIVES | CND | MASTER NAIL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM this past spring and we were excited to connect with her and find out how receiving the scholarship has changed her life. Now she is a CND Grand Master, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share some of her gorgeous nail art with you. Talk about some serious #nailinspo!

BCL: When did you decide to turn your passion for nails into a career?

XH: As a wife and a mother of three beautiful kids, extra time was not an option for me.   My time was consumed by my full-time job, children activities and wife duties. In October 2010, I had been working as an Insurance Agent for approximately 8 years. Of course, my salary was great and I really enjoyed working with people, but I started to feel guilty about not spending enough time with my family.  I started to dislike the fact that I had to ask for permission to have personal days off or vacation days. I have always been a very independent person so I decided that it was time to pursue the career that I had always wanted and that was to become a professional Nail Technician.  In November 2010, I decided to enroll in nail school and I graduated and received my license on April 2011. Since then I have been a Licensed Nail Technician for 6 years now.

BCL: What were the biggest road-blocks in achieving your goal of becoming a nail professional?

XH: There were a couple of obstacles that I had to overcome.  The major obstacles were being a wife, a mom, working a full-time job and going to Nail School at night 5 days a week.

BCL: How did you receiving the Beauty Changes Lives scholarship change your life and career?

XH: I am passionate and love what I do, so receiving The Beauty Changes Lives Scholarships was a blessing to me, my family and my clients in many ways. Not only did it give me the opportunity to receive the education that I needed to become a CND Grand Master, but it helped me further my nail education, connected me with amazing nail professionals and it also gave me the proper tools that I needed to give my client the best and most professional service as possible.

BCL: What was the CND Master Class Like?

XH: The CND Master Class was the best class that I have ever attended.  All the CND Ambassadors were wonderful, very professional, patient, and knowledgeable. I left this class with the confidence, knowledge, and the proper tools to continue to create magic for all my clients!

BCL: What are you up to now?

XH: I have been a very busy woman. I have been the proud owner my private nail studio, Luxuri Nails for the last 1 ½ years.  I also have an online store where I have over 1,000 different types of spangles, fine glitter, chunky glitters, custom mixes and more.  It is very difficult to find any sort of classes here in the Midwest so I am also working on providing more education for other nail techs in my area.

BCL: What’s your favorite nail trend right now?

XH: I don’t really have a favorite nail trend because the nail industry is constantly changing with new trends.  All my clients are different so to me everyone has a unique trend.

BCL: How has beauty changed your life?

XH: My life has changed in many ways. My confidence has increased since I was given this opportunity. I was always the person encouraging others, but now I am encouraging myself and push myself to try new things. I really hope to one day become a CND Grand Master Ambassador. This is my goal.

If you’re in Chicago you can find Xiomara at her salon Luxuri Nails, which is located at 2629 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622 and the phone number is  (773) 701-5606. You can also follow her on social media:

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