I recently celebrated my 47th birthday after receiving my Esthetician License, a longtime dream! I had never heard of Oncology Esthetics, however once I did I knew it was something I had to do! To have the knowledge and ability to use my education to provide a soothing touch, in a safe emotional space, to help clients relax and recover truly would mean the world to me. I would be honored by this opportunity in a way words cannot describe. My “why” for pursuing this extended specialization is the list of people on my vision board. All attacked by cancer with two still with us today. My “why” for choosing Esthetics as my second act as I like to call it is simple. I want to help others love the skin they are in. Not only outwardly but to also feel an inner sense of self love and acceptance that in this day and age seems increasingly difficult. I am a strong believer in self care due to it is crucial to not only help your outward appearance but also to feel “normal” during a time that you feel like a shell of who you were before this disease took over. My goal is to be able to personalize treatments in a mindful, safe service that ultimately enhances the client’s quality of life. The idea brings me joy and fulfillment! Additionally, I’d love to become a certified Oncology Esthetics instructor. I WILL make a difference! Thank you for your consideration!