Acoya Leavitt, @Acoyadoesmyhair

North Logan, UT, Paul Mitchell the School Logan

Horst Rechelbacher “Sustainable Beginnings” Scholarship – $2,000

An environment-conscious fashionista, Acoya says she want to “make thrifty cool.” Inspired by a Business Insider article that reported enough textiles end up in landfills each year to fill Sydney Harbor, Acoya estimates 75% of her wardrobe comes from consignment stores. “You vote with your money and shopping consignment stores is one way I can vote for the environment,” she says. When she’s ready to part with a piece of clothing, she donates it to its next wearer. While Acoya’s church missions, college experience and beauty school have taken her from Hawaii and Houston to Boise and Provo, nature has been a constant comfort across her journey. Watch her application video here.