Last fall, Tiffany Williams won the  Beauty Changes Lives | CND | Tippi Hedren Nail Scholarship Program. In the past year, she graduated, got licensed and even blogged for NAILS Magazine NAILS 101. Read on to learn more about her story.

BCL: When did you decide to turn your passion for nails into a career?

TW: I’ve always loved nails & nail art but in 2014 I decided to go for my dream. Doing nails was always my getaway & what makes me so happy. Even getting new nail supplies makes me excited! It’s such a rewarding career and there are always new things that are coming up in the career.

BCL: What were the biggest road-blocks in achieving your goal of becoming a nail professional?

TW: I’ve been told to get a real job because doing nails doesn’t have what a regular 9-5 does, and that I need that. It is true because a 9-5 doesn’t give me the feeling, freedom, creativity and opportunities that the beauty industry and nails give me. I’ve also dealt with unprofessionalism, jealousy and people trying to discourage me and take my confidence. There are always going to be road blocks in my career, and in life in general, but I know it’s going to teach me lessons I need to know and make me a stronger person. My talent will take me far and I’m determined to get through all road blocks that come my way.

BCL: How did receiving the Beauty Changes Lives scholarship change your life and career?

TW: Winning the Beauty Changes Lives CND Tippi Hendren Nail Scholarship gave me the start I needed to kick off my career. I wasn’t able to afford beauty school, so I was really sad and close to giving up, but then I found BCL and decided to try. Since winning, I’ve graduated, I am officially licensed, and I’ve blogged for Nails Magazine. I love everything about the Beauty Industry and I can’t wait to accomplish more and learn new things. Beauty Changes Lives really changed my life.

BCL: What are you up to now?

TW: I’m working, doing nails and trying to take my career to the next level. I love learning new things and perfecting my craft.

BCL: What’s your favorite nail trend right now?

TW: It’s hard to pick one favorite nail trend because the industry keeps bringing out new things. I love holographic nails, the glow in the dark trend is really cool and Swarovski crystals are my favorite always.

BCL: How has beauty changed your life?

TW: Beauty is always bringing new things into the industry that upgrades it. It’s given me my confidence and I can’t put into words how happy it makes me. Making people feel beautiful and their reaction after is always rewarding. Also I love that there are always classes going on to help you improve things in your craft and teach you new things. There are also trade shows, which look phenomenal. I haven’t been to one yet but I can’t wait to go!

You can follow Tiffany on Instagram @Glammetiff.