Jackelyn Cronce

Jackelyn Cronce   @estiejacke

Mequon Thiensville School of Esthetics – Mequon, WI

Sydell L. Miller Total Image Esthetics Student Scholarship – $7,500

Jackelyn finished college with a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and Communications after high school. Her first job in corporate marketing she found draining, meaningless and she felt she had no purpose. The job was taking its toll on her. When the pandemic hit, she was able to take a pause and reflect on what it was that was missing in her life. She was worried that she has wasted so much time and money pursuing a career she did not love, and she felt was crushing her spirits. When she finally consulted with her parents about going to esthetics school to follow her dream, her father responded with “I was wondering how long it would take you to figure out THIS is what you should be doing.” She finally felt validated and at peace with her decision. She plans to use every opportunity to gain experience and hone her skills to be the best at her craft. Winning the scholarship will help support her passion and jump start the future she was meant to have. You can check out her video HERE.