Are you ready to be part of a disruptive campaign targeting Gen Z?

This hyper-targeted campaign is national in scope but as personal as each student’s life story. Make Your Mark connects today’s Gen Z with tomorrow’s employers who will need 1.3M professionals in the next decade. As a Make Your Mark school, you’ll receive a listing on an interactive microsite…and a chance to join a campaign that redefines beauty education.

We’re trying to find the next generation of wildly creative, madly ambitious beauty fanatics to take on the growing beauty industry. We’re about forging new paths. We’re big advocates of being fiercely independent but know the value of learning from those who came before. We believe that a foundational knowledge of the craft is fundamental to success because beauty’s not just an art, it’s a science. It’s those who know the why behind what they do are the ones who truly succeed—simply knowing how isn’t enough.