Esoshani Barton, @eso_shani, Capri Cosmetology Learning Center, Spring Valley NY

“I understand firsthand that beauty changes lives,” says Esoshani in her application video. After losing the voluminous hair she loved due to alopecia, Esoshani learned to accentuate her skin and was featured as a model in beauty campaigns targeting people with alopecia. The experience awakened her passion for helping people love the skin they are in. Esoshani’s goal as an esthetician is to give people back their confidence and help each client embrace their unique beauty.


I understand first hand that beauty changes lives. At 19 years old, I began to lose my hair due to alopecia. Eventually, small patches turned into complete baldness and the thing I loved most about myself, (my voluminous curly hair) was gone, as well as, parts of my eyelashes and brows. I had to learn to embrace my beauty, and diversity. I decided to focus on other features; starting with beautiful clear skin and using makeup to accentuate my bright eyes. My newly exuded confidence was evident. I became featured in different beauty campaigns, as inspiration for people with alopecia. Additionally, I developed a following of cancer patients/survivors who lost their hair, eyebrows, and lashes; and seek advice and inspiration from a firsthand source. This awakened my passion for helping people love the skin they’re in. I became a consultant at Sephora, where I assist clients from all walks of life with varying skin concerns, perform full-face makeovers, and I will become a facilitator for beauty classes. My goal as an esthetician is to give people their confidence back and embrace their unique beauty. In October I will attend an Oncology training and pursue permanent makeup training pre and post-graduation.