Jessica Olson

“Education is like an addiction to me. I genuinely love learning. I want to learn everything I can to help, treat, beautify, and make people feel amazing in their own skin, this is all my life passions that intertwine in a mix perfect for inspiration. Beauty and wellness has made me open my eyes to endless education. In my future I will enable my passion for learning, to attain my career goal, perfecting and mastering my craft of skin care in the salon and spa side, then ultimately to the medical side to further my education more under a physician, and finally opening my own business. I intend to educate clients about the level of our industry, because it stretches so much further than just spas and relaxation. This time frame is about craving the quickest high quality results you can achieve with treatments. I want people to learn that changing their skin is a process from internally, externally, and emotionally for achieving the ultimate results. I plan on making a difference by taking time to educate each and every client to the vast of my knowledge.”