Pamella Udeh

Pamella Udeh, The Spa Professional Academy, Bowie, MD

Pamella’s entrepreneurial and creative spirit is reflected in CHIDI, a bespoke atelier she founded that features her beauty and design works. Launching a business provided Pamella with insight into the myriad tiny steps required to achieve a goal. “Starting a business showed me I’m a lot more resourceful than I give myself credit for and any goal is achievable when you take a step back and break it into tiny goals,” she says. Pamella also focuses on giving back and is inspired by the kindness she’s seen in the salon community, such as  a salon owner in her neighborhood who established a food pantry near her business. “My goal is to manage my business effectively so that I can live well and serve the community around me,” she says. As an esthetician, Pamella plans to serve as a mentor for others. “The entrepreneurial spirit is about having integrity and intent, and in this age of misinformation I want to be a mentor and a teacher for young, Black estheticians who come after me,” she says. Watch her video here.