The Beauty Industry creates 877 lbs. of waste per minute! Green Circle Salons is a movement to empower salons and beauty professionals to offset their carbon emissions and recover up to 95% of their beauty waste. Green Circle Salons has been building a network of more than 16,000 Waste Warriors, schools and advanced academies throughout Canada and the United States and providing them with a comprehensive pathway to financial and environmental sustainability with a green business program. Today, Green Circle Salons has diverted almost 8 ½ million pounds of waste from landfill spaces and waterways since 2009. Green Circle Salons, through the Beauty Changes Lives Foundation, developed the “Environmental Beauty” scholarship for students enrolled in a cosmetology and barbering program that leads to licensure. Two recipients each received $4,000 towards tuition for their respective programs during the Beauty Changes Lives Summer Scholarship season.

Fall 2022 Winners

Jacob Weiniger


Phagan’s Beauty College in Corvallis, OR

“I see the need to change how much waste we choose to create and where to put that waste that we happen to create and if we do that then the beauty industry will be


You can see his winning submission HERE.

Tyler Jones


Palomar Institute of Cosmetology   in San Marcos, CA

“After learning about Green Circle Salons, I really started to appreciate how there are stylists out there that can take care of the environment. I will be proud to represent a certified sustainable salon; just like Green Circle Salons stand to protect this Earth. You can see her winning submission HERE.

Rafael Garcia Leyva


Salon Success Academy  in Upland, CA

“I should be chosen because both my parents who were born and raised in a ranch in Mexico had always taught me to conserve the natural resources the Earth gives us and for as long as I can remember I’ve strived to live a more sustainable life and this is something that I vow to do in my future career as a barber.” You can see his winning submission HERE.

Summer 2022 Winners

Molly Kozlarek


TIGI Hairdressing Academy in Colorado Springs, CO

Molly explains that to her, environmental sustainability is understanding that recycling is necessary, and a positive step in the right direction, but also taking responsibility for educating people on how much waste that is being produced is crucial to make real change.

Once she has received her license, and is behind the chair, she wants to educate those around her about the importance of sustainability.  “We don’t get a do-over, we don’t get to press the restart button, we’ve already

done so much harm to the planet and we’re doing it at a faster and faster rate, we can’t go back in time, but we can change the trajectory,” Molly explains.

She is a firm believer to change something you must first raise awareness, and plans on using her platform to advocate for environmental sustainability within her space in the professional beauty industry.  You can see her winning submission HERE.

Allison Angel

Georgia Career Institute in Murfreesboro, TN

Allison has always had a passion for the environment and wants to make sure the world stays as green, lush, and beautiful for the future of her two children.  As co-owner of Southern Glam Hair and Makeup, and now a cosmetology student working to get her license, she is learning everything she can about health and wellness. She is structuring her business around environmental sustainability, not only for the safety of the planet, but also the health and safety of her clients.

And to even take it one step further, she, along with her husband, are in the process of building a native butterfly habitat to help rehabilitate her state’s “beautiful pollinators”.  She hopes to use this as a tool to educate on the importance of pollinators and native plant species.

Allison says the scholarship will give her the opportunity to finish beauty school and learn more about the

process of creating eco-friendly products and safely caring for her clients. You can see her winning submission HERE.