CND, a global leader in professional nail, hand and foot beauty and KUPA Inc. one of the top industry manufacturers of e-file machines used by nail technicians, decided to lead the charge in developing the I ❤️ NAILS program for those entering the nail care industry and to provide advanced educational opportunities for working nail professionals looking to enhance their skills. Both companies are deeply committed to advancing the nail care industry and devotes significant time and resources to product research and development, education, and customer support.

To ensure the scholarships were properly funded, the following brands generously supported the cause.  Eleven $2,000 Student Scholarships and Ten $2000 Advanced Education Scholarships were made possible from the generous donations from CND and KUPA, along with Nail Alliance/Morgan Taylor, Premier Nail Source, Rejuvenate, Universal Companies, Valerie Ducharme, Vivian Valenty, Wildflowers, Zurno, and additional private donations.

The I ❤️ NAILS Scholarship Program is facilitated by Beauty Changes Lives, a not-for-profit organization driven to make the beauty profession a first-choice career and empower the next generation of beauty professionals through scholarships, mentorship programs, advanced education, and grants to support emerging new businesses.

Summer 2022 Winners

Shamone Garcia


Bella Beauty School in Columbia, SC

Shamone received her master’s degree in Criminal Justice at the University of South Carolina and originally became a probation officer.  She says she just was not fulfilled with that career choice.  Her passion was with nail art and expressing her creativity, but due to financial hardships, she was unable to pursue her dream.  Until now. She is currently progressing in her nail technology program and hopes that winning this scholarship will help support her in her new career path. Check out her winning video submission HERE.

Keiana Whatley


Tricoci University in Indianapolis, IN

Keiana started her video submission by saying. “Why did I choose this passion because I love NAILS, honey! I was drawn to nails at the age of eight I remember my mom getting her nails done and how beautiful they would look and just her attitude after she got her nails done it was like she was a new woman!”  She says that she loves the artistry, and she was able to paint on a big canvas, but it takes a special artist to be able to bring out their creativity on a very small scale.  She hopes when she becomes licensed to be able to inspire and encourage her clients and be there as a friend, therapist and make sure they have a great experience.  Check out her winning video submission HERE.

Kaitlin Garland


The Salon Professional Academy in Tonawanda, NY

Kaitlin describes in her submission video, how she had to change her job as a phlebotomist to find work that was more flexible, yet lucrative.  As a single mother of two, with one child with special needs, she decided she needed to concentrate on being a full-time mom. She has always wanted to have a career in beauty, so she decided to use her passion and drive to find a fulfilling career as a nail technician.  Her first attempt at a full set of nails.  She is so proud of her work and her client was so happy that it was the first time she could truly see the light at the end of her money woes.  Check out her winning video submission HERE.

Cathleen Kaye


Elaine Sterling Institute in Atlanta, GA

Cathleen made the decision to begin her career journey in the nail technology program because she always wanted to have a career in the arts.  She loves that by changing something as simple as someone’s nail color, you can make a person feel beautiful. He set of “lava lamp” inspired nail art symbolizes her bright and colorful personality and just like her shaving her head, she loves to express her individuality in a bold way.  Check out her winning video submission HERE.

Yaya Giovanni


Aveda Institute in Madison, WI

Yaya grew up in the city of Chicago and the nail industry has always been a big deal as a child.  She had her first set of acrylics when she was 16 years old and I instantly fell in love. She currently holds a bachelor’s degree in design studies which contributed to her sense of visual order, color, texture and what makes a great design.  She can’t wait to become licensed and says she will always find ways to continue to learn how to improve her craft. Check out her winning video submission HERE.

Kassie Madson


Paul Mitchell The School in Colorado Springs, CO

Kassie is currently enrolled in the nail technology program at Paul Mitchell the School in Colorado Springs.  She says that choosing a career as a nail tech brings her joy and allows her to use her creativity every day.  She loves developing her skills and is proud to be entering the professional beauty industry. The nail art she showcases in her video represent the many layers that she sees herself.  She is a daughter, a student, she is driven, but goofy and outgoing, but she always strives to show how serious her art is to her.  And “the gold specks add a little pizazz to the design.”  Check out her winning video submission HERE.

Heather Mena-Carias


The Beauty Institute in Stroudsburg, PA

Heather explains that there are several reasons she chose nail technology as a her chosen career.  She loves that she can have a positive impact on her clients. From the moment they sit down in her chair, regardless of what they might be going through, she intends to connect with that person and make them enjoy their experience.  Another benefit is the large number of opportunities that this career will enable her to use her artistic ability.  The nail art she showcases in her video she describes as “Unicorn Dazzle”, with the opal background and the pastel colors she says symbolizes her vibrancy and confidence and her love for sparkles and unicorns.  Check out her winning video submission HERE.

Nina Williams


The Salon Professional Academy in Buffalo, NY

Nina explains that when she decided to go to school to become a licensed nail technician, while training she has gained huge amounts of confidence in her abilities. This confidence she now possesses she uses to encourage her classmates and champion them for their success as well.

She believes that continuing to learn even after she becomes licensed is crucial and keeping up to date with the latest trends, getting educated on new techniques and products will only enhance her in her career development. Check out her winning video submission HERE.

Kailey Giauque


Paul Mitchell – Rexburg, ID

Kailey explains that following her dream to become a nail technician has been a passion of her for years.  She said that her family has been a huge support system and have helped and motivated her to follow her dream. Her favorite part of the job is the ability to give confidence to people simply by changing their nail color, and this small act of self-expression gives them a boost of confidence.  She looks forward to being the person that can give them that boost. Check out her winning video submission HERE.

Kadie Nelson


Cameo College of Essential Beauty in Murray, UT

Kadie explains that she loves that becoming a nail technician is an amazing career path because it will give her a chance to use her creativity to make a great living.  She hopes that by winning the scholarship she can finish the program and once she is licensed she hopes to own her own salon in the future.  Check out her winning video submission HERE.

Britany McLoone


Euphoria Institute of Beauty Arts and Sciences – Las Vegas, NV

Brittany exuberantly exclaims that she has been obsessed with nails for as long as she can remember, forcing her family and friends to let her perform nail services on them.  Her latest obsession is learning how to use acrylics properly and she can not wait to be able to master the technique. She says it is important to continue to learn all you can in this field and she is very excited to continue on her journey. Check out her winning video submission HERE.