The Passion to Succeed Scholarship

Jerry Alexander Gorman lived a life dedicated to his passion for the professional beauty industry. As a young man, with a new family to support, he took evening classes to become a licensed cosmetologist, while working full-time during the day. His perseverance for success did not stop there. After working for years as a hairdresser, he soon opened his first salon, and many years later became a national sales manager for a major manufacturer of salon and home beauty products. After years of experience, he channeled his love for the industry and decided to give back by becoming a successful and beloved educator.

In that spirit, his family formed the Jerry Alexander Gorman Foundation in his memory in 2015. The foundation was created with its main emphasis on awarding scholarships for students, specifically to those living in lower income families, to support their education to any discipline within the professional beauty industry.

Spring 2023 Winners


Yesica Hanai Becerra Terriquez

Federico Beauty Institute

Sacramento, CA


Lloyd Smith

Brown Beauty Barber School

Bessemer, AL


Sarah Evans

Empire Beauty School

Somersworth, New Hampshire

Fall 2022 Winners

Bria McMillan – Cosmetology


Temple – Annapolis in Annapolis, MD

“I did make it to cosmetology school finally at 30 years old, and if nobody would ever be proud of me, I’m going to be proud of me! I am Mr. Gorman. I made it through the toughest of times, just like he did.”

Watch her winning submission video HERE.

Brittany Jones – Esthetics


Elevate Salon Institute in Westminster, CO

“I want to make a career in the professional beauty industry because I want to be able to give back to people specifically for abused women coming out of a bad situation; to help them regain their confidence and their sense of self-worth that has most likely been destroyed by their abuser.”

You can check out her winning video submission HERE.

Kamran Maddela – Barbering


Paul Mitchell Barber School in Arlington, TX

“There’s no mountain I can’t climb and no obstacle too big they can get in the way of my dreams.”

You can check out his video submission HERE.