Fall 2021 Winners

Moroccanoil is celebrating the courage of confidence and honoring the legacy of an esteemed beauty educator as it awards five scholarships this season. ⁠ ⁠ CONGRATULATIONS to the Fall 2021 awardees! Each scholarship recipient receives a $5,000 tuition award toward their cosmetology program; and an invaluable vote of confidence from Moroccanoil. The scholarships are administered by Beauty Changes Lives. ⁠

Courage to Dream

Meghan Hardiman, Courage to Dream Scholarship


Arrojo Cosmetology School, New York, NY

Meghan’s desire to join the beauty industry has roots in the toy department when she begged her dad to buy her a giant “Bratz” head just so she could cut its hair off. When that appeal didn’t work, she practiced on younger family members, styling cousins’ hair and putting on fashion shows. After family insisted that she attend college, Meghan earned a degree in elementary and special education. While working toward a master’s degree she found the courage to pursue her passion and stop working about what others thought was “best” for her. “Courage for me is pursuing what you’re most passionate about and not letting anyone stop you,” says Meghan who looks forward to becoming a celebrity hairstylist. Watch her video here

Courage to Dream

Jahluani Davis, Courage to Dream Scholarship


Dudley Beauty College, Chicago, IL

“It’s a lot,” says Jahluani remarking on her responsibilities of working two jobs, completing her senior year of high school, and studying cosmetology, while helping care for her younger siblings. But Jahluani is motivated by a goal of opening not just a salon but creating a thriving beauty empire. “I want to become a billionaire so that I can buy my mom a big house. She can stay on one side of the house and won’t have to bother me,” she notes. The aspiring mogul describes herself as “very independent” and has some advice for other young dreamers. “If I could tell all the little girls out there something that I’ve learned, it would be to stay focused. You won’t like the process but if you stick with your motivation, the sky is the limit,” she says.  Watch her video here.

Cultivating Confidence

Alexis Snyder, Cultivating Confidence Scholarship


Empire Beauty School, New York, NY

A “solo-mom” of four children, Alexis embraced her confidence when she moved from Texas to New York City. Not everyone embraced her goals and Alexa remembers leaving a “puddle of quicksand filled by small-minded people and determined to find her dream”. Arriving in New York with her kids, an apartment offer fell through, and her family lived in a homeless shelter for a year. Five years later, Alexis and her happy family are enjoying their apartment in Harland, her kids are thriving in school and she’s a straight-A cosmetology student. For Alexis, beauty comes down to acceptance. “I never felt accepted until I enrolled in cosmetology school, and everyone said, ‘you belong here,” notes Alexis in her application video. Looking toward the future as a hairstylist specializing in color, she wants to pay her confidence forward to help others accept themselves just the way they are. Watch her video here.

Cultivating Confidence

Mariah Sanchez, Cultivating Confidence Scholarship


Del-Mar-Va Beauty Academy, Salisbury, MD

Every confident person has that moment when she first discovers her confidence. Mariah’s moment of discovery arrived on senior prom night. “When I couldn’t find a makeup artist for my senior prom, I learned how to do my prom makeup myself and I wore my confidence like a charm,” says Mariah, adding that “confidence is the new beautiful.” Mariah looks forward to creating a positive salon environment where clients not only see their beauty in the mirror but hear it in positive words of affirmation. “Words can contribute to beauty and self-love, which is the very best kind of love,” says Mariah. Watch her video here.

John Heinemann Memorial

Madison Showalter, John Heinemann Memorial Scholarship


Salon Professional Academy, Altoona, PA

Community service has long been at the center of Madison’s life, whether serving her church, a local food pantry, or elderly neighbors. From yard work to creating blessing boxes filled with food, hygiene, diapers and other life supplies, Madison strives to make her neighborhood more beautiful through acts of service. As a craftswoman, she recently contributed her talents to building a wheelchair ramp for a local couple. The couple’s joy and gratitude reflected how much acts of beauty and kindness can change lives. “There is no greater feeling than helping others and that’s what I love about the beauty business,” she says. As a hairstylist she looks forward to helping each client finds a style that helps them feel like the very best version of themself. Watch her video here.

Spring 2020 Courage to Dream Winner


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