Round Yourself in Color Scholarship Winners – Summer 2022

Callie Schnitkey


Summit Salon Academy in Perrysburg, OH

Callie can’t imagine her life without nail polish.  Growing up, when asked what career she thought she would enjoy, she would always just say veterinarian, only because she loved animals.  But as she grew older, she knew she needed a creative outlet as a chosen profession. She felt society’s pressure to obtain a degree at a four-year college and was concerned that she would not be able to obtain the future she wanted without it.  She ignored her family and friends who told her that she should pursue nail technology.  After a year of going to college and not feeling fulfilled, she finally realized her passion is nails and decided to follow her dream.

She explains that if she could develop her own nail color, she would name the bright orange hue “It Girl”.  “It Girl” represents her passion and the orange hue, the fire that drives that passion.  The color symbolizes her confidence and how she is ready to conquer anything that comes her way.

Kaitlyn Alley


Altoona Beauty School in Altoona, PA

Kaitlyn is currently following her passion, after already receiving her chemistry degree at a four-year college.  She says that watching professional nail techs who use such tiny canvasses to display incredible art, is the motivation for her to change her career trajectory.  She hopes to inspire the next generation of nail artists by showing them they can express their individuality through nails.

Since she exhausted all her financial aid getting her degree, the scholarship will help achieve her goals. She is currently paying her tuition completely herself.  She says if she had a chance to name a future best-selling OPI Lacquer, she would call it “Resilience”. She says that the word has special meaning, as she completely uprooted her life, changed her career and she never let the bad times get her down.  She is rewriting her whole life to finally do what she feels she truly loves.  She continues to stay positive, stay resilient and face everything with a smile!

Holdyn Hastey


Euphoria Institute of Beauty Arts & Sciences in Las Vegas, NV

Holden, when talking about professionals that inspire her, says she hopes to someday encourage girls and boys to get to create phenomenal artwork on nails too! She explains that during the pandemic, she found it hard to find work to pay for school and she knows that by winning this scholarship, she could finally achieve her goal of finishing her program.

If she had a chance to name a new OPI nail lacquer, it would be called “Fake It ‘Till You Make It”.  Over the years, she has happily exclaimed it has been her motto, especially uses it as she works as a waitress for a restaurant to help fund her tuition. Holdyn says no matter how much you know, or maybe don’t know, you still need to show confidence while you are learning your craft and eventually you will get there.  But in the meantime, you need to sometimes smile and “fake it” and you will learn along the way and have the confidence to believe in yourself!

A Great Opera-Tunity Scholarship Winners Winter 2022

Sequence Quincy Lynch


Queen Beauty Institute – Philadelphia, PA

Quincy, growing up, describes herself as creative with a very creative imagination, which she feels was one of the reasons she gravitated toward nail design as her passion very early on.  As a child, she was moved in and out of shelters and finally settled in with her grandmother, who became her constant caregiver.  Through all the inconsistencies in her life, the one constant was her obsession with nail art. She wanted to learn the correct way to use her creativity and also make this a passion she could make a career. She says that winning the scholarship will help fund her dream and without it, she was not sure she could have completed her studies.    Her dream is now becoming a reality.  You can check out her winning submission HERE.

Netara Rolle


Genesis Career College – Nashville, TN

Netara is originally from Nassau, Bahamas and is currently a student in a nail technology program in Nashville, Tennessee.  “Natural nails are just as sexy and cool and chic as nail enhancements, and she wants to teach future professionals how to achieve any nail design that they desire without using harmful products or practices that can damage the nail.” The OPI scholarship will help her finish her studies, become a licensed nail tech and in return she wants to pave the way for future Bahamians to understand that becoming a nail tech is a viable career, and not just some side hustle.   Check out her submission HERE.

Shakeria Richardson


Cape Fear Community College – Wilmington, NC

Shakeria couldn’t be happier when she came across the Beauty Changes Lives, OPI Nail Technology Student Scholarship that she felt was made just for her.  The financial support would help her in the next step of being officially licensed.  She has spent years, performing nail services on her family and friends, from learning techniques and tips from YouTube.  She quickly realized that starting a business without being licensed in her field was a huge no-no, and she needed to get the proper training to make sure she was providing a safe environment for her clients.  She is currently in a nail technology program and is on her way to making her dream a reality.  Check out her submission HERE.

Isabel Williams


Entourage Institute of Beauty and Esthetics – Lenexa, KS

Isabel remarks in her submission video that one of the influencers she follows is Vee Nailedit who has a channel on Youtube.  She loves how Vee gives tips and tricks on how to achieve glamourous, immaculate nails with precision.  She helps gives real world advice that not only helps teach you the correct application, but also the best tools and products to complete the finished look.  She says that when she becomes licensed she wants to use what she learned to give back just like Vee.  She hopes to inspire future professionals and support them on their journey to be the best at their craft.  Her main goal is to open her own studio to be able to continue being the best nail tech she can be!  Check out her OPI Scholarship submission HERE.

Fall 2021 Winners

Denise Johnson


Christine Valmy Intl. School of Esthetics and Cosmetology, Pine Brook, NJ

Mothering two daughters while pursuing a doctorate in education has taught Denise that she can dream big and achieve her goals. A nail influencer she admires and has been honored to work with is The Editorial Nail. And as this scholarship will allow new opportunities to blossom in her life, Denise imagines a nail lacquer aptly named “Blossom.” “Blossom big, blossom strong,” says Denise, noting that what started out as a hobby has evolved into a new platform of personal and professional growth. Watch her video here.

Kathyana Philippe


Topcurl Beauty Academy, Mitchellville, MD

More than a form of artistic expression, Kathyana views nails as a platform to tell a story. The daughter of Haitian immigrants, Kathyana respects her parents’ work ethic and the sacrifices they made. Kathyana also respects the drive and work ethic of Ryan Renee, The Nail Doctor. “With this scholarship OPI is planting the financial seed and I will water my dream of becoming a nail professional and one day establishing my own nail empire,” says Kathyana.  Describing the name of a future nail color reflecting her personality, Kathyana describes “Vivacious Violet” as a combination of vibrant ambition, imagination, a regal grace among other attributes. Watch her video here.

Loryn Hubbard


Phagans Cosmetology College, Bend OR

Being a Black male with tattoos in the nail industry, Loryn says he wants to break industry norms, and blend a sense of fun and boldness with detailed, precision design. He is inspired by nail influencer Trailer Nails. “Her work is very fun and cool while still being detailed,” he says. Imagining a future nail lacquer shade, Loryn describes “Diamonds R 4 Eva” as a holographic color that stands out and leaves a long-lasting impression on the industry. “This scholarship will relieve some of the cost of my nail program and the only thing I’ll have to worry about is perfecting my craft,” says Loryn. Watch his video here.

Sierra DuBose


Honolulu Nails & Aesthetics Academy, Honolulu, HI

Enrolling in nail school after working two jobs — as a teller at a credit union and a server in a Mexican restaurant — felt like coming home to the ultimate comfort, says Sierra. She is inspired by the texture and complicity of nail influencer Queen of Nails, but also by her work ethic and drive. “I can relate to the trials and tribulations that Queen of Nails shares,” says Sierra. Beyond providing financial support for her education, Sierra says winning the scholarship is a vote of confidence in her career. Imagining a future nail lacquer, Sierra describes “Show Up and Show Out” as a rich red color evocative of the holidays with glimmers of silver and gold. Watch her video here.