Reagen Hibdon

Reagen Hibdon, @reagan.hibdon

TIGI Hairdressing Academy  in Colorado Springs, CO 

Sydell & Arnold Miller Foundation “Art of Haircutting” Scholarship – $5,000

Reagen Hibdon says when people would ask what she wanted to be when she grows up, that at the age of four she always replied with I want to be a “hair cut teacher”. She decided to pursue cosmetology because she enjoys enhancing other’s natural beauty and loves to see their confidence grow when she reveals the final product.  She states that “innovation is an important aspect of cosmetology. The world has enough hairstylists, it just needs originality. This career needs a unique and creative person who brings new ideas!” As a child of a minister, she is unable to afford a lot of the things she would like to do and winning the scholarship could help her achieve her goal of bringing something new to the beauty industry that has never been done before. Check out her winning submission HERE.