Suzi Weisberg

Suzi Weisberg Sustainable Beginnings Cosmetology Scholarship Recipient

Suzi Weisberg, Aveda Institute New York, NY

Suzi follows the data when it comes to green living. “Did you know that eating one plant-based meal a day for a year can save 200,000 gallons of water – the carbon equivalent of driving from LA to New York?” she asks in her application video. She seeks to integrate natural choices into her food, cosmetic and clothing choices, always with an eye on protecting the planet and the life it supports. Suzi is adamant about using brands that are not tested on animals, uses public transportation, and has followed a vegan diet since 2014. Like Horst Rechelbacher, she embraces natural approaches to healing and self-care. “Plants are the answer to achieving a healthy, sustainable and beautiful life,” she says.