Tamara Hill

Tamara Hill Babor Breaking Boundaries Scholarship Recipient

Tamara Hill, Aveda Institute, Denver, Colorado

A painful break-up and ongoing issues with acne breakouts are two obstacles that Tamara has overcome on her journey to becoming an esthetician. After a painful divorce, Tamara took a semester away from her studies and started working in cosmetic sales. During this stressful season,  Tamara experienced a return of the acne breakouts she’d battled as a teen. “I knew I had to figure this out – keeping my skin clean and looking good while working in cosmetic retailing,” says Tamara. The challenge led to a new professional passion and the decision to enter an esthetics program. “Obstacles fostered my interest in skincare and planted a seed in my heart for a new career path, she says. As an esthetician, she looks forward to drawing on her experiences navigating obstacles to help her clients look and feel better. “I want to make my clients smile and help them feel good on the inside, while looking great on the outside,” she says. Watch her video: