Tennille McClain

Total Image

Tennille McClain,  @angelicfacesmuartistry

Aesthetics Institute    St. Louis, MO

Sydell L. Miller “Total Image” Scholarship – $7,500

Tennille McClain has been a makeup artist for 15 years and says her favorite part of her job was transforming her clients for their wedding day. Five years ago, she realized that becoming an esthetician was her true calling.  While performing a makeup application, her client complained about her insecurity with the amount of hair growth on her face.  She was able to transform her for her event, but knew that once she washed off the application, those feelings of insecurity would still be there.  She decided that she wanted to learn everything she could to help her clients be the best version of themselves by supporting the health of their skin.  She finally decided to leave her corporate job after 16 years and is currently enrolled an esthetic student in St. Louis.  The scholarship will financially support this new chapter in her life and follow her dream! Check out her winning submission HERE.