Winner of two Beauty Changes Lives scholarships, Quatisha (Tish) Allen is a Nail Professional, artist, marketer and entrepreneur who believes in dreaming big. As founder of Confetti Playhouse, Quatisha brings creative, magical and age appropriate nail experiences to community organizations such as library and youth outreach programs. Below, she shares how a career in beauty is helping her fuse her two greatest passions – family and nail art.

How did receiving the Tippi Hedren scholarship help launch your career?

The Tippi Hedren scholarship was the launchpad for my career. I started with the goal of getting my license, blogged for NAILS magazine as a student and begged nail salons to let me work in their salon to learn. In my blog posts, I described the trials and tribulations of juggling my duties as mom, artist and student. While developing my art at various salons, I saw high achieving artists constantly improving their craft through education. I started taking advanced courses and began looking for a mentor who could take me to the next level.

How did you find a mentor?

I was persistent and kept knocking on doors. I told people, “One day, I want to take over this industry, but today, I want to learn from you.” The best way to get others to help you is to offer to help them. I worked with a nail salon owner to build a marketing plan for her business in West Palm Beach. I helped celebrity nail professionals. And I kept on asking. Eventually, I had the chance to work with my dream mentor.

As an artist, how do you find inspiration?

Ideas come from just being present in every environment. I grew up in New York where inspiration is everywhere – in architecture, traffic, lights . . . And inspiration can also be found meditating on a beach here in Florida.

How do you stay inspired?

My biggest responsibility is my two daughters who are along for the ride with me on this journey. I keep a constant eye on my goal of being their role model. My mom was a hairstylist and I grew up going to beauty shows and always had a passion for nail art. My daughters love watching me work at my craft. They love helping me set up my polishes and seeing how my career is growing. And someday if they want to follow in my footsteps, I’ll be there to support their dreams. Right now, they’re experiencing the fun of helping me launch Confetti Playhouse. Once a month, we do free events in the community that connect kids with age appropriate nail art.

How has the scholarship changed your life?

CND is a company that has believed in my potential from the very beginning. They were there with me when I was a beauty school student and continue to help me improve my craft as a licensed professional working in a salon and building Confetti Playhouse. Every chance I get, I tell my peers and aspiring beauty professionals to look into Beauty Changes Lives.  I’ve seen how success in this business comes from paying success forward.

Where can people see your nail art and learn more about you?

I am on IG at @yesme_tish