Brittney Foster – Cosmetology


The Spa Professional Academy, Fargo, ND

As climate change is linked to the increasing frequency and severity of wildfires, Brittney feels an urgency to protect Earth’s natural resources. She strives in the student salon and in her community to reduce her environmental footprint. In the salon, Brittney avoids aerosol products and reuses containers when practical. At the coffee shop, she opts for reusable straws and a refillable mug. Brittney is inspired by Horst Rechelbacher’s development of a natural product line, his commitment to volunteering and gardening, and also his relationships.  “Horst and his wife were a power couple, and my husband is definitely my biggest supporter,” she says. Watch her video here.


Alycia Cossey – Cosmetology


The Salon Academy, Wilsonville, OR

As a citizen of the confederated tribes of Coos Indians, Alycia was taught from a young age to respect the land and water that sustain life. The phrase “water is life” inspires her approach to the practice of esthetics and life. As a minimalist, Alycia says, “We don’t need many material items to have a happy and fulfilling life. Horst Rechelbacher’s use of plants evokes practices she learned from her tribe where many plants are used as medicine to heal and nurture the body. “I believe love is why we are here on this earth. Love can cast out darkness in the world and I want to put love into practical use every day as an esthetician by helping others feel better about themselves,” says Alycia. Watch her video here.


Annie Deng – Cosmetology


Jupiter Beauty Academy, Boston, MA

Call it the ripple effect. Annie is moved by how individual actions affect mental health, communities and the world. Her involvement with two recent service trips prompted her to model the social and environmental changes she wants to see in the world. As a consumer, Annie follows the 3 R’s when purchasing products: recycle, reduce and reuse. She avoids fast fashion, shopping at resale boutiques. At the grocery, Annie avoids plastic and excess packaging, and reuses glass containers. “I believe in Horst’s drive – to be the change we want to see in the world and I hope that I can inspire others as much as Horst’s life inspires me,” says Annie. Watch her video here.


Adrienne Thomas – Cosmetology


Protégé Academy, East Lansing, MI

As a person who enjoys water sports and her community’s natural waterways, Adrienne has seen how pollution has harmed native species and the local environment. She believes that adopting even small changes can help protect biodiversity. Along with reducing, reusing and recycling, Adrienne chooses biodegradable products to help conserve natural resources and she’s continually seeking innovative new approaches to support sustainability. Horst Rechelbacher’s talent for integrating nature into beauty products inspires Adrienne’s approach to curly hair. “I realized early on that natural products can perform well on my hair and protect the environment too,” she says. Watch her video here.


Alicia Green – Cosmetology


The Salon Professional Academy, Tonawanda, NY

“Glow-getter.” That’s the term Alicia uses to describe a driven individual who strives to achieve her goals while attaining a beautiful glow both inside and out. Her holistic approach to beauty from the inside out begins with her diet. Coconut milk and rice water are staples in her moisturizing routine, while healthy pantry items also make it into her custom hair mask recipes. “Natural products have made a huge difference in my hair and skin and also in my positive mindset,” she says. “Horst noted, ‘your mind, body and spirit need conscious nurturing, not just sometimes, every day,” she says, adding, “I’m a glow-getter by nature. Watch her video here.


Lia Elliott – Esthetics


Aveda Institute of Portland, Vancouver, WA Campus

As a lifelong student, Lia is inspired by Horst Rechelbacher’s lifelong example of curiosity, discovery and learning. “I will not be on this planet long enough to learn all  of the things I want to learn but that doesn’t stop me from trying,” she notes. A creative soul at heart, Lia enrolled in esthetics school to learn a new way of creating as an artist. And as both an eco-justice advocate and a vegan, she chose to study at Aveda based on the school’s philosophy that caring for the planet and the person are inter-related. “As individuals, we must take care of everything that lives on this beautiful earth. If you take care of this world, it will take care of you,” says Lia. Watch her video here.


Madison Aza – Esthetics


Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute, Dallas, TX

“When you do something out of pure love, you’ll always be successful.” That wisdom from Horst Rechelbacher inspires Madison’s approach to life. A fierce advocate for the planet, she strives to be a global citizen putting the health of the planet at the forefront of all her endeavors. “We only have one earth and the choices we make have direct effects on our planet and our health,” says Madison. She is a member of Growth Collaborative a company that sells home and beauty products that are ethically produced, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. As an esthetician, Madison hopes to use her eco-platform to encourage others to make more environmentally conscious decisions for their body, home and life while modeling the power of positive thinking. Watch her video here.

Spring 2020