The Sage Michaela Lucas Timing is Everything scholarship is generously funded by Circadia, a pioneer in the science of chronobiology and skincare. The Sage Michaela Lucas Timing is Everything award celebrates diversity, inclusivity and affirmation. 

The scholarship is open to esthetics students enrolled in an accredited program and who identify as black, indigenous or persons of color (BIPOC). The scholarship grant targets esthetic students pursuing a career in aesthetics, skincare formulation and/or cosmetic chemistry.

Fall 2022 Winners

Taylor Haywood

L’Esprit Academy   in Royal Oaks, MI

“November 13th of this year, something very traumatic happened that almost cost me this video. I lost my father; and it wasn’t his time, but I am still resilient. I was able to make this video because of my journey.”

You can check out her winning video submission HERE.

Jalyn Buster


Houston Community College in Houston, TX

Once licensed, I plan “to open my own cosmetic lab where BIPOC estheticians can develop their own skin care lines.  Opening the door for BIPOC women would mean the world to me as this is typically a field that is underrepresented.”

You can check out her winning video submission HERE.

Whitley-Mary Deumaga


The Salon Professional Academy   in Washington, DC

“A person in the beauty industry that I know personally that motivates me is my manager Jack and my cast members at Sephora. I appreciate them very much as they are always rooting for me to push forward when it comes to my goals and dreams.”

You can check out her winning video submission HERE.

Spring 2022 Winners

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Jalissa Womack


Fountain of Youth Academy of Cosmetology – Pittsburgh, PA

Jalissa looks forward to paying it forward after graduation by providing free educational sessions to the community, so let those interested in becoming an esthetician can learn how a career in beauty opens so many different doors once you are licensed.  In the last year, she experienced a challenge when she was having a hard time juggling several business ventures all at once. After six months, she was exhausted, lost track of revenue and products and she was unable to pay a beauty product vending machine she was leasing.  She was heartbroken.  Jalissa decided to look as this not as a failure, but as a chance to pick up the pieces, start fresh and take the experience to learn two important lessons.  The first, was to not be afraid to ask for help and the second was to have a solid business plan and save funds just in case things don’t always go the way you hoped.  You can check out her winning video submission HERE.

Natalie Taliaferro


Michigan College of Beauty – Troy, MI

“Sometimes life throws you curve balls, well sometimes life can throw you boulders,” Natalie acknowledges in the opening of her video submission. Natalie experienced with the loss of her mother unexpectedly last year when two blood clots traveled to her lungs.  She explained that this was a “wake-up” call for her. She points out that this experience propelled her into action and that’s where she discovered the world of esthetics. Once she becomes licensed, she hopes to start her own skincare line that targets issues for people with skin of color.  Natalie explains that the scholarship will help alleviate some of the financial burden, and allow her to be an inspiration to others that they too can overcome any obstacle to pursue your passions.  She looks forward to leaving her mark on the industry. You can check out her winning video submission HERE.

Fall 2021 Winners

Circadia "Timing is Everything"

Chandali Gullick


Sami Halaseh Institute, Andover, KS

For Chandali, beauty is a quality conveyed by a person’s presence and shines through in that person’s voice. Chandali found her voice when she opened The Hair Store, a beauty supply store. “Opening my store was the first time in my life I felt like I knew what I was supposed to be doing because I was helping women feel beautiful and also providing that confidence for them to tap deeper into what makes them happy,” she says. Upon finding her voice, Chandali sought to amplify it on her Youtube channel, helping others learn to like who they see in the mirror. “Becoming an esthetician is allowing me to help others discover the beauty within and that’s something I take a lot of joy in,” she says. Watch her video here.

Circadia "Timing is Everything"

Lauren Jackson


Salon Success Academy, Upland, CA

When Lauren enrolled in beauty school, another Black student came alongside to help guide her through the ins and outs of school. “That kindness helped me tremendously and I choose to pay it forward to others,” she says. Helping others is part of Lauren’s personal ethos and she’s long wanted to establish a scholarship named for her grandmother that honors those who persevere through personal struggles. Recently, Lauren discovered the work Dr. Thuy Doan is advancing on facial balancing and decided to reach out to Dr. Doan on social media. The doctor’s response provided positive affirmation that Lauren is on the right path. Remarking on what she hopes to achieve as she begins her esthetician’s journey, Lauren says, “I want to encourage everyone to be advocates for themselves and invest in themselves.” Watch her video here.

Circadia "Timing is Everything"

Filsen Adam


PCI Academy, Plymouth, MN

Filsen is inspired by Shirley Raines, an LA-based cosmetologist who runs the non-profit Beauty to the Streetz. “With the pandemic and George Floyd travesty in my home state, Minnesota has been through so much and we could benefit from a beautiful initiative right now,” she says. As a person of color, Filsen sees a need to center more education on different ethnicities especially in curriculum materials. As an advocate, Filsen would like to start a non-profit to help women and girls with hygiene needs. And after earning her licensure, she hopes to offer tattoo removal services to people previously incarcerated. “I know how hard it can be to move forward when it feels like a decision you made in the past is holding you back,” she says. Watch her video here.